Cloud on my tongue

Someone's knocking on my kitchen door.
Leave the wood outside!

All the girls here are freezing cold!
Leave me with your Borneo.
I don't need much to keep me warm.

Don't stop now what you're doing
_What you're doing, my ugly one_
Bring them all here.
Hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair.
It won't be fair if I hate her
_If I ate her.

You can go now.

|You're already in there.
I'll be wearing your tattoo.
You're already in there.|

Got a cloud sleeping on my tongue.
He goes _then it goes
And kiss the violets as they're waking up.

|Leave me with your Borneo.
Leave me _the way I was before.|

You're already in there.
I'll be wearing your tattoo.
I'm already in circles and

circles and

circles again

The girl's in circlesandcircles _got to stop spinning!
Circles and circles and circles _again.

Thought I was over the bridge now.

Cloud On My Tongue - Tori Amos

Tori Amos

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